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S&J’s, Your Hometown
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We serve everything from Gourmet cupcakes, sugar cookies, birthday and wedding cakes, our savory cake balls, or any other sweet treat you desire. Everything is made from scratch the old-fashioned way, without using preservatives, dough conditioners, or stabilizers.

Our mission is to provide quality bakery products cost-effectively. The integrity of our company is based on the principles of a quality product, satisfied customers, and our commitment to maintaining these beliefs.

Our Story

S&J’s CupCakery was started in January 2016 when Jaramie asked me what my dream was. The two of us had just started dating and getting to know one another. I was a single mom of two children Camille and Colton. I told him my dream was to open a bakery but quickly replied that would never happen… 

At the time, I was working two jobs just trying to provide for my children. Jaramie told me I could do anything that I put my mind to. Within a few days, he came up with the name S&J’s CupCakery. As weeks went on we began to fall in love. Jaramie told me to quit my job and start a Facebook page with all of the photos of work I had done for my friends and family. I have wanted to be a baker since I was little, I used to go door to door selling homemade cookies to neighbors at the age of 8. Then I began making cakes and cupcakes for my nieces and nephews, slowly going to friends and co-workers. 

I had always dreamed of owning a bakery when it came to the bake sales at the kids’ school. I would pretty much bake everything, staying up all night and making sure the display was perfect. I would roll my cookie dough in between 2 stacked golden books to make sure each cookie was the same depth. I had a Dollar Store hand mixer. Jaramine sent me a pink commercial aid mixer, an airbrush machine, and new rolling pins with guides, he even ordered business cards for me. Seriously, who does this!! 

By June of 2016, I had my first open-air market. I made the most amount of cupcakes and cookies I had ever made. I ended up selling every last thing I made at the market. That was my start, before I knew it I was getting custom orders and doing more markets. I ended up getting so busy that Jaramie quit his job to help me bake. He has always wanted to own his own business and was a phenomenal cook. He took over all of the baking and I just did the decorating. We operated out of my double-wide trailer in a shared kitchen and did our pick-ups out of my garage. 

In April 2017 we purchased our home. We then converted our basement into a bakery with a full kitchen. This was huge for us, we had a separate space to work with so much room. We then continued doing markets, and custom orders. We still had a dream of opening a storefront. 

In August of 2018, an opportunity arose in our hometown city of Flat Rock. We were nervous if we could afford a lease let alone the remodel. We signed a one-year lease with the understanding we would just pay the lease every month for a year to see if we could do it. Well, we did! We then signed a five-year lease and started renovations. 

Then Covid hit right in the middle of construction about three months from our opening date. We didn’t have a dollar to our name and were not sure what we would do. We left it in God’s hands. 

Finally, the day had come and on July 1st, 2020 we opened our doors. The love and support we received was unbelievable. We started with just 12 flavors and cupcakes and now we have over 100. We added on S&J’s dessert trailer in May of 2022. Then in January of 2023, we started S&J’s design house where we built full dessert tables with floral, linens, backdrops, and decorations. In the mix of all of this, we are still a two-person operation with minimum help from friends and family. We offer cookie classes for kids, custom orders, a full dessert table, trailer rental, and walk-in purchases. Jaramie still shops every week for products, we do not order in bulk and we do not buy bag fillings or frostings. Jaramie makes everything we offer himself. I still do the decorating, messaging, and consultations. People often ask how we do it, honestly, I don’t know. God brought us together and had us start this business and we leave it in His hands.

*Although your item may not contain nuts or gluten, S&J’s CupCakery is not a certified nut-free or gluten-free facility. Many items we bake do contain egg, wheat, soy, and dairy. 

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